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    What is MutantPowers.Net? -

    Our founder, Kyle Marlett is a accomplished magician and special effects creator who has consulted for Hollywood’s top movies, TV shows, commercials, and Broadway shows to help create “live special effects.” He is also a proud, self-proclaimed “nerd.” Having been a part of the Comic Con community for years he recognized a demand to be able to simulate mutant powers, hence MutantPowers.net was created. We use special effects, magician’s secrets, and technology to enable our customers to simulate real powers live and in person!  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    Can I really do the stuff I see in your videos?? - 

    YES!  Everything we offer is meant to be performed by laypeople with no experience in special effects or performing magic.  The “powers” we sell use relatively simple ideas and technology to help make it look like you are a “Mutant” (in the comic book sense of the word).  As long as you follow the simple instructions provided and are willing to practice there’s no reason you can’t duplicate everything you see in the videos for others with out them having any idea how you did it!  




    How difficult is this stuff?

    Just like anything worth doing in this world, things take practice. Some of the effects you will learn from us are self-working and you'll be able to do right away and others will take some practice. Each product is labeled with a power indicator to let you know how much practice it will take. 




    Are these magic tricks? - 

    In a way yes. Magicians by definition do things that should be physically impossible to accomplish. We use a mixture of special effects, magic tricks, and technology to create practical effects to simulate real Mutant powers that can be performed live.



    What am I actually buying?

    It depends on the “power” you choose.  In an effort to protect our existing customers and the intellectual property associated with the power in question, typically we can’t give you the specifics of what it is that creates the effect of the power, but suffice it to say that there is “something” that comes with the instructions that helps to make it all happen; even if the spectators witnessing the power aren’t aware of that “something".

    So to give you an fictitious example of a power we don’t sell and doesn’t exist (so not to give anything away)…If we theoretically sold a product that allows you to shoot lasers from your fingers, you may be buying some sort of laser that straps to your wrist under your sleeve which goes off when ever you point it at something.  Make sense?  If you ever have questions about the specifics of a particular power or concerns that may prohibit it from working with your costume, send us an email and we’ll do our best to give you a straight answer.